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Financial Advice to Grow Your Business

Whether you need help with your taxes or are looking for advice on cash flow forecasting, we can help you.

KV & Associates are so much more than just accountants. We provide our clients with trusted financial guidance to succeed and grow. Whether your Alberta business is new or established, small or mid-sized, we’re here to provide the personal support and exceptional service our accounting firm has come to be known for by local businesses and individuals. When you choose us as your financial partner, you have the comfort of knowing you’ve put your faith in a firm whose advice you can trust to be in your best interests. We help your money work harder and smarter for you to pursue your business goals.

Corporate Taxes Fort Saskatchewan

Corporate Taxes

There is more that goes into corporate tax management than simply compliance, and it’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution. We provide comprehensive corporate tax strategy and planning that minimize risk, ensure compliance, and maximize value for your business. We’re committed to making your corporate tax matters simpler, less stressful, and as cost-efficient as possible. Our team will assess your situation and work with you to develop the best tax plan possible for you and your business.

Corporate Bookkeeping Services Fort Saskatchewan


Meticulous bookkeeping is the foundation of professional accounting. Our full range of bookkeeping services ensures all your financial files, such as yearly tax filings, are readily accessible. When you need documents to support your corporate finance needs or project next month’s outlook, the information is right at your fingertips. We provide accurate, timely, and affordable bookkeeping services that take the stress and complexity out of maintaining your business’s financial records.

GST Filing & Audits Fort Saskatchewan

GST Filing & Audits

Canada’s Goods and Service Tax (GST) laws can be complex and confusing. Let us simplify them for you with our GST services. We’re dedicated to making the GST process less time-consuming and as cost-efficient as possible. We offer GST assistance for every size of business. Whether you are launching a new business or expanding an existing business, we provide the assistance you need to ensure your business’s stability, particularly when taxes are due. We can help you make sense of GST!

Financial Statement Servics Fort Saskatchewan

Financial Statements

Our financial reporting services provide you with an objective and realistic picture of your current financial position so you can make better decisions regarding monetary goals. We compile unaudited financial records into financial statements, schedules, or reports based on the information you supply to depict how well you, or your company is doing in terms of liquidity, cash flow, investment potential, and profitability.

CRA Correspondence Services Fort Saskatchewan

CRA Correspondence

We understand CRA problems can have a negative impact on multiple aspects of a client’s life. If you or your business owes back taxes, the CRA could send you a garnishment notice that can seize or affect your wages, pension, savings, business, and property. Our firm is here to help resolve your CRA audit problems and, if necessary, successfully negotiate settlements for our clients, often saving you thousands of dollars.

Corporate Accounting Consulting Fort Saskatchewan


When you consult with KV & Associates, you get the advice and guidance you need to turn your financial frustrations into fiscal freedom. We specialize in consulting sole practitioners and small or medium-sized businesses in a range of industries and sectors. From business acquisition to succession planning, we offer consulting services that help you build a roadmap to accelerated business performance.

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Our trusted accountants have the expertise and passion to guide your business to financial success. As a business owner, you are already accustomed to managing it all yourself. You don’t have to, and the reality is some things are best left to trusted professionals.  We offer a full suite of corporate accounting services to help propel your business forward. Schedule a consultation today with our Edmonton or Fort Saskatchewan teams to get on the path to fiscal freedom.