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If you receive a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) informing you your income tax return is being reviewed, understanding the next steps to take can make the experience far less frightening or stressful.

KV & Associates can assist you with:

  • GST/HST audits
  • Income tax audits
  • Defending your tax return in a review request
  • Scheduling and attending audit appointments—you never need to meet with a CRA agent alone.
  • Handling audit correspondence
  • All other income tax queries and correspondence

We also review your documentation before the CRA reviews it and check your tax return to identify additional potential problem areas.

Why CRA Correspondence Services?

There’s always a possibility the CRA will audit your tax return. It’s important to understand that audits are governed by existing laws, not CRA rules and regulations. While most CRA audits are in the form of written correspondence asking for supporting documentation or further explanation of various tax items, some do take place in an auditor’s office. Working with a Chartered Professional Accounting firm ensures you’re represented in any type of audit by experts who understand the applicable legislation.

CRA audits more often than not result in one or more changes to a return. Whether these changes are good or bad for a taxpayer depends on their unique situation.

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Let KV & Associates Handle All Your CRA Audit Needs

At KV & Associates, we understand CRA problems can have a negative impact on multiple aspects of a client’s life. If you or your business owes back taxes, the CRA could send you a garnishment notice that can seize or affect your wages, pension, savings, business, and property. Our firm is here to help resolve your CRA audit problems and, if necessary, successfully negotiate settlements for our clients, often saving you thousands of dollars.

When you hire KV & Associates to represent you in CRA audit matters, you can rest easy knowing you’re being protected by our up-to-date knowledge and years of successfully solving CRA tax problems. Talk to us today to learn more about CRA correspondence audits or any other accounting services and financial guidance KV & Associates provides.